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We need your help

An opportunity has been presented to us for the development of a Community Hub building in the parish. This is an exciting opportunity for the community to add to our existing facilities of the Village Hall and playing field.


We have commissioned  a small working group to carry out an assessment of how the new building could be utilised and where we would prefer to have it sited. Of course we need to know from parishioners what they would like to see such a building used for, so if you have any ideas can you email them to our Parish Clerk at


Bear in mind that the services we would like to see would not replicate existing services but offer new services. Some ideas we have already received include: pick-up/drop-off point; library outreach service; business facilities such as video conferencing, meeting rooms and large size printing equipment; café and retail outlet.


Please note that it will not be possible to provide any kind of permanent medical centre as this is restricted by current NHS operating guidelines.


Over the next three months the working group will review and analyse the opportunity and determine the viability of a Community Hub building. By February 2021 we will need to decide on its viability and make a decision on whether to go ahead with the project or reject the offer.


Please give this some serious thought and let us have your views as soon as possible.


Many thanks


John Ashley

Chair North Mundham Development Plan