All meetings are open to the public and will commence at 19.00 at North Mundham Village Centre unless advertised to the contrary, if you wish to observe the meeting online a link to join the meeting will be included in the Agenda.

4th December 2018 AgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
5th February 2019 AgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
5th March 2019 AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
2nd April 2019 - postponedAgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
21st May 2019Agenda Supporting Papers
Finance Report 21 May 2019
2nd July 2019AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
3rd September 2019 AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
1st October 2019 AgendaFinance Report
Updated Project Plan
5th November 2019 AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
3rd December 2019 AgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
7th January 2020AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
4th February 2020AgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
3rd March 2020AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
7th April 2020 - meeting cancelled Agenda Supporting PapersMinutes
5th May 2020 - meeting cancelled AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
2nd June 2020 AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
11th June 2020 - extra ordinary meetingAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
14th July 2020 AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
28th July 2020 - extra ordinary meetingAgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
19th August 2020 - extra ordinary meetingAgendaSupporting Papers Minutes
2nd September 2020AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
7th October 2020 AgendaAgenda Item 114.2020Minutes
4th November 2020AgendaAgenda Item 126.2020Minutes
2nd December 2020 AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
6th January 2021 - Cancelled and rescheduled to 20th January 2021 Agenda Supporting PapersMinutes
3rd February 2021 -CANCELLEDAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
17th February 2021 - Extra Ordinary MeetingAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
3rd March 2021AgendaAgenda Item 35.21Minutes
31st March 2021AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
5th May 2021AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes(unconfirmed)
9th June 2021- CANCELLEDAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
7th July 2021 - CANCELLED DUE TO NOT BEING QUORATEAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
8th September 2021 - CANCELLED AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
6th October 2021 - CANCELLEDAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
3rd November 2021 - CANCELLLEDAgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
8th December 2021 - CANCELLED AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes
26th April 2022AgendaSupporting PapersMinutes (unconfirmed)