Special Constable Recruitment Now Open

Special Constable recruitment now open!

We are looking to recruit people as Special Constables who want to help and protect their local community by complementing the service of our regular officers on a long term basis. As a special you will do many of the same things regular police do, but before you carry out any police duties, we’ll train you comprehensively and develop your skills.

Through your training you will learn about:
  • The police service and the duties of an officer
  • Powers of arrest and the law
  • How to prepare evidence for court
  • Self-defence and communication skills
  • How to deal with awkward situations and conflict.
Special constables volunteer for a minimum of 16 hours a month. You may choose to work two eight hour shifts or four hours each week, whatever suits you. Because its such a varied and interesting role, the time flies and its easy to spend a whole day or night out working with the community.
For more information and to apply, visit www.sussexspecials.com or talk to us through facebook.com/sussexpoliceforce or twitter @sussex_police