Training Record: Tim Russell

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider
The Planning System - How it Works Community & Regional Planning Services
27th July 2009Power of Well BeingTangmere11.50SALC
7 December 2009
Local Development FrameworkTangmereFreePlanning Aid
19 January 2010
Annual Meeting of the ParishesChichesterFreeCDC
17 December 2010All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeCDC
26 November 2012All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeCDC
18 January 2013Pension BriefingChichesterFreeWSCC
23 May 2013All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeCDC
17 October 2013All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeCDC
21 October 2014All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeCDC
2 December 2014Parish On-Line Mapping TrainingChichesterFreeWSCC
1 April 2015Chief Constable's BriefingChichesterFree
30 September 2015All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeCDC
8 October 2015Planning EventWatersfield
18 May 2016All Parishes Meeting ChichesterFreeCDC
28 September 2016All Parishes MeetingChichesterFreeeCDC
26 July 2017Pension Chichester
FreeWest Sussex County Council
13 March 2018First AidWarnham ParkFreeSt John's Ambulance
15 July 2019 All Parishes MeetingThe Grange FreeChichester District Council
20 August 2019 SharePoint & Data Protection TrainingBersted 10.00Bersted Parish Council
10th September 2020 Chairman's Networking Forum OnlineFreeSSALC
16th September 2020All Parish MeetingOnlineFreeChichester District Council
8th October 2020Planning White Paper BriefingOnlineFreeSSALC
13th October 2020 Mapping TrainingOnlineFreeParish Online
29th October 2020Data Protection Online£30.00SSALC
6th November 2020Chairman's Networking Forum Online FreeSSALC
9th February 2021 Chairman's Networking ForumOnlineFreeSSALC

Training Record: Paul Chivers

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider
2nd June 2009
West Sussex Rural Forum
3rd December 2009
Power of Well BeingEwhurst11.50SALC
7th December 2009

Local Development FrameworkTangmereFreePlanning Aid
17 November 2010

Health & Safety, Risk Assessment & Appraisal Day

East Grinstead
1 May 2013Councillors Briefing & UpdateBracklesham20.00SALC
23rd March 2016Leaders Programme & Funding for Capital Improvements to Village HallsAshurstFreeAIRS
26 September 2017 Legionella Management TrainingCrowbrough55.00SALC
14th November 2017 Airs ConferenceAshingtonFreeAIRS
6th August 2019Planning TrainingBersted Village Hall10.00Bersted Parish Council
20th April 2022Introduction to PlanningOnline40.00Mulberry & Co
24th May 2022Preparing for Net ZeroOnlineFreeLC Energy

Training Record: Annie Maclean

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider
3rd October 2019WSALC AGM & ConferenceAvisford Park60.00WSALC
10 July 2015Mapping Programme TrainingChichesterFreeParish On Line

Training Record: Robert Callaway-Lewis

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider
14th December 2009
Power of Well Being


Training Record: Frances Neave

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider
29th October 2020Data Protection Online£30.00SALC
7th November 2019Sussex Village Hall & Community Building ConferenceThakeham Village HallFreeAIRS
14th November 2017Airs ConferenceAshingtonFreeAIRS
23 November 2016Community Buildings Workshop - Stay Staff Horsham AIRS
23rd March 2016Leader Programme & Funding for Capital Improvments to Village HallsAshurstFreeAIRS
23rd February 2009

Improving Village access to Health

East Dean
27th July 2009

Power of Well Being

7th December 2009
Local Development Framework
TangmereFreePlanning Aid
10 June 2015Mapping TrainingChichesterFreeParish On Line
24th May 2022Preparing for Net ZeroOnlineFreeLG Energy

Training Record: Keith Phillips

29th October 2020Data ProtectionOnline£30.00SALC
24 July 2019 West Sussex Pension AGMWest Sussex County Council FreeWest Sussex County Council
15 July 2019 All Parishes Meeting The Grange Midhurst FreeChichester District Council
13 May 2019 West Sussex PensionWest Sussex County CouncilFreeWest Sussex County Council
13 March 2019West Sussex PensionWest Sussex County Council FreeWest Sussex County Council
23 June 2016New Councillors Course55.00SALC

Training Record: Oliver Langmead

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider
17th March 2022The Role of Parish CouncillorsOnline50.00Mulberry & Co

Training Record: Hugo Wall

DateCourseLocation CostCourse Provider
10th May 2018First AidWarnham ParkFreeSt John's Ambulance
23rd June 2015New Councillors TrainingAngmering60.00SSALC

Training Record: Gill Nott

DateCourseLocationCostCourse Provider

Training Record: Louise Chater (Clerk)

DateCourseLocationCourse Provider
February 2009
Practioners ConferenceStoke on TrentSLCC
10th March 2009Stepping Stones ConferenceLondonNALC
21st May 2009VATLondonHM Revenue & Customs
16th July 2009Power of Well BeingTurners HillSALC
28th September 2009Clerks Networking DayPulbroughSALC
11th November 2009Regional ConferenceUckfieldSLCC
7th December 2009Local Development FrameworkTangmerePlanning Aid
26th - 27th February 2010Practioners ConferenceStoke on TrentSLCC
19th May 2010Press Writing
11 November 2010Regional ConferenceUckfieldSLCC
17 November 2010Health & Safety, Risk Assessment & Appraisal DayEast GrinsteadSALC
17 November 2010Annual Meeting with the ParishesChichesterCDC
19 October 2010Employer TalkWinchesterHM Revenue & Customs
25-26 February 2011Practioners ConferenceStoke on TrentSLCC
03 March 2011Social Media TrainingChichesterCDC
01 July 2011SLCC Branch ConferenceMaidstoneSLCC
4th July 2011All together nowChichesterChichester District Council
30th November 2011Big Society Small DetailsEast GrinsteadSLCC
5th December 2011Clerks Networking DayCrossing in HandSALC
8th March 2012First Aid at WorkBrackleshamAlan John Associates Ltd
28th March 2012Regional ConferenceMaidestoneSLCC
26th April 2012Power of General ComptenceSandhurstSLCC
1st - 2nd March 2013Practitioners ConferenceDerbySLCC
7th March 2013SLCC Branch ConferenceWinchesterSLCC
2nd April 2015 SLCC branch meetingLittlehamptonSLCC
19 May 2015Tranparency Code MeetingBurgess HillSLCC
21 May 2015How to win more bookings HamseyAction in Rural Sussex
10 June 2015 Mapping Programme Training ChichesterParish On Line
20 October 2015Legal & FinanceEast GrinsteadSLCC
27 January 2016Adult First Aid Warnham ParkSt John Amblance
25 - 26 February 2016Practitioners Conference
8 February 2016Clerks Networking DayDorkingSALC
11 April 2016Pension Training ChichesterWest Sussex County Council
12 April 2016Pension TrainingChichesterWest Sussex County Council
21 October 2016West Sussex ALC AGM/ConferencePulbroughSALC
27 October 2016Pension TrainingChichesterWest Sussex County Council
1 November 2016Clerks Networking DayEast GrinsteadSALC
3 March 2017 Symosium of Patners Chichester Festival TheatreWSCC/CDC
21 March 2017Clerks Networking DayFontwellSALC
27 March 2017Pension TrainingChichesterWest Sussex County Council
5 April 2017All Parishes Meeting ChichesterChichester District Council
15 June 2017 Health & Safety Risk Assessment WorkshopChichesterSALC
5 July 2017 Data Protection WebinarSLCC
13 July 2017 Legal & Finance Day FontwellSALC
20th September 2017All Parishes MeetingChichesterChichester District Council
17th October 2017Budget Planning & Precept Setting LewesSALC
1st November 2017SLCC Regional Road ShowWinchesterSLCC
6th February 2018GDPR Chichester Park HotelSLCC
26th March 2018Data Protection TrainingChichester Park HotelSLCC
24th April 2018Dementia Friendly TrainingNorth Mundham Village HallDementia Awareness Group
30 April 2018 All Parishes Meeting Chichester District CouncilChichester District Council
7 January 2019 VAT CourseBillingshurstSLCC
26 January 2019 Election BreifingChichester Park HotelSLCC
21 March 2019Pension TrainingBurgess HillWSCC
23 September 2019Affordable Homes for Sale -WebinarLocality
26 September 2019Legal & FinanceBrightonSLCC
4 November 2019First Aid at Work Bracklesham BarnEast Wittering & Bracklesham Parish Council
23rd January 2020 MappingParish Onlineonline
11th February 2020Cloud Computing for the Modern CouncilSLCCwebinar
26th March 2020MappingParish Onlineonline
28th April 2020 MappingParish Online online
28th July 2020Rebuilding Communities NALConline
10th September 2020Finding New Parish CouncillorsSALConline
14th September 2020Life after LockdownSALConline
16th September 2020 Building a two-way conversation SALConline
12th-16th October 2020National ConferenceSLCConline
11th November 2020 Producing Accessible Excel Spreadsheets online
12th November 2020Cyber Essentials SALConline
17th November 2020 Producing Accessible Word & PDF Documents online
12th January 2021SLCC Clerks MeetingSLCConline
2nd February 2021Google AnalyticsWSCConline
2nd February 2021SLCC Clerks MeetingSLCConline
8th February 2021SSALC Clerks Networking ForumSALConline
8th February 2021CDC Meeting with the ParishesCDConline
11th February 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
10 February 2021 - The Basics of Cyber Security SLCConline
23rd-25th February 2021Practitioners ConfrerenceSLCConline
2nd March 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
11th March 2021Clerks Briefing MeetingCDAKConline
30th March 2021IT Meeting & Document ManagementCloudy ITonline
31st March 2021Crisis Communication online
19th May 2021COVID 19 risks & resilience when exiting locdown SLCConline
20th May 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
26th May 2021 How to get young people involvedNALConline
24th June 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
8th July 2021Clerks ForumWSALConline
15th July 2021Clerks MeetingSLCC online
22nd July 2021Road Closures DataOne Network online
29th July 2021Broadcasting meetingsCloudy IT online
9th September 2021All Parishes MeetingCDConline
16th September 2021Nature VergesWSCConline
23rd September 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
29th September 2021ScribeFestScribe online
6th October 2021Covenants Fund TrustWest Sussex Civilian Military Partnership Board online
14th October 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
10th October 2021Training SeminarSLCConline
18th November 2021Clerks MeetingSLCConline
30th November 2021Ransomware PlaybookClear Insuranceonline
10th December 2021Branch Meeting SLCC online
11th January 2022Clerks MeetingWSALConline
12th January 2022Microsoft increase briefingCloudy IT online
7th February 2022All Parishes MeetingCDConline
15th - 17th February 2022Practitioners ConferenceSLCConline
23rd February 2022Leveling Up the nation NALConline
23rd March 2022Climate ChangeSLCC online
11th April 2022 Clerks Forum WSALC online
21st April 2022SLCC Clerks MeetingSLCC Oving Village Hall
18th May 2022SX Police Focus GroupPolice CommissionerSelsey Town Council
24th May 2022Preparing for Net Zero LC Energyonline
13th June 2022First Aid TrainingBognor
16th June 2022SLCC Clerks MeetingSLCC Felpham Community Centre
29th June 2022OS Data HubOrdnance Surveyonline
13th July 2022SLCC Branch MeetingSLCC online
14th July 2022Clerks Forum WSALC online
20th July 2022Big 50 Conversation SLCC online
21st July 2022SLCC Clerks MeetingSLCCBersted Village Hall
7th September 2022Finance SummitOnline
13th September 2022SLCC Clerks Meeting SLCCNorth Mundham Village Hall
14th October 2022Scribefest Scribe Online
20th October 2022SLCC Clerks MeetingSLCC Felpham