North Mundham Parish Council consist of nine Councillors who are elected every four years.  The Councillors are still elected even if an election is not held due to their being either only nine people standing for nine positions or there being less than nine people standing.  Councillors may be co-opted onto the council if a vacancy become available during the term of office.


The Councillors are not remunerated for their roles; Councillors are provided with a dedicated email address and they are expected as a minimum to log into this account once a week to ensure that they are carrying out their duties.  The Councillors give a varying degree of their time to the parish council depending on their other commitments. The Councillor has a duty to attend meetings, if a Parish Councillor fails to attend any meeting for six months they are automatically disqualified.


The Parish Council is a cooperate body and decisions are the responsibility of the whole body, the Parish Council have legal powers to take action but have very few duties.  The Parish Council meetings in full four times a year, however, their are a number of committees including the planning committee which meets every month (expect August).  Agenda’s for all meetings are published shortly before the meeting and the minutes are uploaded to the website as quickly as possible after the meeting.


The Parish Clerk is equivalent to a chief executive of the a principal authority and is the head of the councils administration.  The Clerk is the “proper officer” of the council and is remunerated for the work they carryout.  As the sole employee of North Mundham Parish Council the clerk is responsible for guiding and advising the council on matters of law and procedure, carrying out the parish councils decisions and as well as the day to day tasks,