In the August and September issues of “connect”, I looked at the interesting variety of walking and cycling routes in southerly and westerly directions from our Parishes. In this last article, two routes heading northwards from North Mundham and one route from Runcton will be described.  Routes in an easterly direction are limited, but an easterly footpath from Merston is along the course of the former Chichester Arundel Canal.

Starting at North Mundham Primary School

Heading due north from North Mundham Primary School along School Lane, two routes are available.  After 400 yards a road turns left in a north westerly direction passing through lakes on either side. This route narrows to a track (see photograph). The track meets the B2145 just north of the Free School and crosses the busy road leading to the footbridge over the A27. Instead of turning left across the lakes a second option is to carry on north where School Lane changes into Peckhams Copse Lane and then further into a footpath with lakes on the right hand side and the Chichester Lakeside Holiday Park on the left. It eventually meets Vinnetrow Road just south of the Bognor/A27 roundabout with access into Chichester over the footbridge.

Across the lakes

view of lake with dirt path surrounded by green trees

North of Runcton along Marsh and Green Lanes

From Runcton village, Brookside meets the Lagness B2166 road and continues onto Marsh Lane with Green Lane off to the left. Proceed along Green Lane which leads to a wide grassy footpath heading north. Like an avenue between greenhouses (see photograph), the path is straight for half a mile before turning sharp right to cross a field and then sharp left to meet up with Green Lane again adjacent to the Bognor A259 road. A route onwards is to turn left and follow the combined footpath cycleway alongside the Bognor road back to the Bognor roundabout.

North of Runcton through greenhouses

view of dirt path with greenhouses either side

Easterly Route from Merston

Just beyond Merston Church at Manor Farm a track leads off to the right and southwards for 400 yards. A grassy footpath is then signposted to the left eastwards. This is the route of the old, disused and mostly filled in Chichester Arundel Canal and is well worth exploring. The grassy path turns into an avenue between a large number of polytunnels (see photograph). It then crosses the Bognor A259 road through Colworth and further in an easterly direction as far as Lidsey, north of Bognor Regis and beyond.

Old Chichester Arundel Canal Route

shady path with trees forming a tunnel in the distance

Runcton to North Mundham Footpath

dry mud path with mature trees green leaf trees either side of the path

We have now looked at many routes spreading out in all directions from our Parishes. It  has not been possible to mention all footpaths but the one connecting  Runcton Lane just south of Runcton Mill  and Post Office Lane in North Mundham is a gem (see photograph). If you have enjoyed these routes and wish to explore further afield, there are many more on the South Downs and on the Sussex coast, but these local routes will welcome you back.