Walking and Cycling Routes around the Parishes

In the August issue of Connect, I looked at the interesting variety of walking and cycling routes spreading out in all directions within our Parishes. I initially examined routes heading south from North Mundham.  This time, three routes westwards will be looked at. These three main routes can lead to many more options for further exploration. So make good use of the summer weather; there is so much scenic countryside to discover and enjoy.

traditional black and white finger post sign providing directions to South Mundham, North Mundham and Fisher

Starting out along the B2166 from its junction with Church Road, North Mundham Walking westwards on the pavement alongside the B2166 and putting up with the traffic noise, a turn off left just after the bend and Hunston Dairy Farm leads onto a combined  footpath and cycle way. This pleasant and much quieter route brings you alongside the Hunston B2145 road.  Take care when crossing this busy road and then you have the choice of 3 routes. First, a footpath, left of the car park, crosses fields behind the former convent, now a Free School, leading to the footbridge over the A27.  Second, the Chichester Canal towpath leading northwards on a shared cycle way and footpath (see photograph) taking just over a mile to reach the canal basin and access into the city of Chichester.  Third, the Chichester Canal towpath leading westwards (see photograph). It is 2 miles to Chichester Marina from the Hunston corner on the canal.

Chichester Canal towpath looking north

chichester canal towpath looking north

Chichester Canal towpath looking west

Chichester canal towpath looking west there is a bench to sit on which is overlooking the water and is in the shade of tree

From St Stephen’s Church  A few yards from St Stephen’s Church lychgate a footpath is signposted to a pretty tree lined  path which opens up after passing through a gate to a route westwards across fields. You can  either walk around Hunston Copse which  links up with the B2145 in Hunston or turn left before the copse on a route which will be familiar to those who have completed the Rogation walk between St Leodegar’s Church and St Stephen’s Church. Once at St Leodegar’s Church you can take a footpath to the playground at Hunston. Then over the B2145 road the footpath continues beyond Hunston to Bridge Farm and Crosbie Bridge on the Chichester Canal, about halfway along the route between Hunston and Chichester Marina, previously mentioned.

From Fisher Lane, South Mundham Just south of Fisher Common on Fisher Lane and beyond the road signpost (see photograph) a footpath is signposted to the right. It starts off as a track which changes to a grassy path across fields (see photograph) and half a mile later reaches Chichester Golf Club at a stile. Footpaths cross the golf courses and lead to the B2145 road to Selsey or via a turning left about 150 yards beyond the clubhouse and greenkeeper’s yard, south to Brimfast Lane (with routes connecting with Fisher and Honer Lanes). Whilst walking on the designated footpaths around the golf courses do be mindful of golfers playing.  Another option not long after turning off Fisher Lane onto this footpath is to bear right across farmland to link up with St Leodegar’s Church, making this an interesting circular route.

Golf courses to Fisher Lane

Footpath heading from Huston golf course to Fisher Lane with long dry grass on the verges and a wheat field that has been combined